ANNOUNCEMENT: Voodoo Clear Aligners is now BrookLabs!
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We use cutting-edge technology to manufacture best-in-class Clear Aligners.

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What We Do + Who We Are

Through a combination of modern robotics, software and AI, we are able to achieve unprecedented quality and speed throughout our manufacturing process -- all in the USA. We’re a team of engineers and manufacturing experts who are dedicated to the constant pursuit of service scalability and product perfection. Our mission is to enable you to focus on growing your own aligner business and to provide your patients with the best possible treatment.

Our Product

BrookLabs clear aligners have undergone rigorous testing and results-based optimization to ensure FDA-compliance and successful patient outcomes.
High-Resolution 3D Printing
We use the newest technology to 3D print highly-accurate molds with barely-visible layer lines. This means crystal clear aligners with minimal print artifacts.
Customizable Trimlines
By using robots to trim our aligners, we’re able to offer full customization of trimlines -- from fully scalloped to straight, and anything in between.
Laser Marking
To ensure every device is 100% traceable, we mark a unique alpha-numeric code on every single aligner. In addition, we mark the step number and can even add your own company logo.
We’ve built partnerships with the best material providers in the industry to make sure your patients get access to the newest and highest-performance materials available.

Our Service

We’ve designed our manufacturing service to be as streamlined and customer-friendly as possible. We leverage software and automation where possible, but we also prioritize good communication and long-term relationships. Beyond being your manufacturer, our goal is to be your partner.
FDA-Cleared: Our aligners are 510(k)-cleared and UDI compliant.
Standard 5-Day Turnaround: We guarantee that all orders with standard turnaround will leave our factory in 5 business days or less from the time the order was sent to us.
Drop-Shipping and Custom Packaging: Rather than have you repackage your aligners, we can customize your bag labels, pack them in your own custom packaging, and even drop-ship them directly to your customers.
Order API: Use our API to automatically submit orders and fetch real-time order data, letting you keep your customers up-to-date.
Responsibly Made in the USA: We’re proud to be located in Brooklyn, NY. We also strive to reduce our environmental impact by conscientiously minimizing our waste and recycling what we can.

Contact Us

Call us: (646) 854-4571

Where We're Located

361 Stagg St, Suite 408
Brooklyn, NY 11206